Collaborating and adding creatitvity gives our limited-edition items a unique place for any wardrobe.

BFWR X OneEye Creative

The OneEye Creative designs are special. This Limited Collection contains unique designs of OneEye in a limited edition.

BFWR x Places

Places that you always have with you, wherever you are. Create good stories together. This Limited Collection celebrates the beautiful places where stories were made.


Offering quality and comfort.” The most important facts for getting started with a range of basic clothing. We have close contact with our producer in Portugal and know the responsible working conditions under which all our products are manufactured. Do you see any recognition in our logo? You may well. The ambition to create a nice quality brand in basic clothing started with a request from friends in Amsterdam to deliver not just any Merchandising but real slow fashion items of high quality. After seeing the first samples of clothing with this logo on it, it looked so great that we went ahead, and added BFWEAR Amsterdam as a brand name, word mark and we purchased the rights to use the logo.
Awarded after proper consultation. Grant; grant – regular verb pronunciation: grant-nen 1. to allow without jealousy that someone else has something.

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